Winter Battle Series 2023/24 Season - Car Regulations!

Winter Battle Series 2023/24 Season - Car Regulations!

Car/Driver Rules and Regulations 2023/24 KDKustoms Winter Battle Series      

Regs are the same as last year and to comply with the Driftland rules    

* ALL cars will be limited to 300BHP       (policing this is very difficult but last year we had no issues, in the spirit of competition please stick to it!)  

* Tyres - Only ROAD tyres - Max width 225  (worked very well last year and made an even playing field which lead to some great battles)  

* Front brake light strip must be fitted at the top of the front windscreen  

* 2litre AFFF foam fire extinguisher fitted within arms reach of the driver  

* Front and Rear tow straps properly fitted and secure.  

* A strict 105db noise limit so please just fit an exhaust (an M52 sounds honestly sounds terrible with no silencers!)  

* Headlights and taillights must be fitted in factory location. Headlight blanks and tail light blanks may be used as long as they fill the factory location and rear brake light strips are in place (Please message the page to ask if you have any questions about this)  

* Car Exterior/presentation - all bumpers and exterior panels must be fitted over the entire weekend. We understand parts can come off in a bump but please refit asap, we really want a big push on having cars look better this year.  

* Bumper support bars. This was a bit of a problem last year. There will be no leniency regards it this year. They must attach directly to the chassis legs or inner wheel arch and be made from a maximum 25mm x 2.5mm mild steel, aluminium or stainless tube. The width of the bumper support bars may not extend beyond the centre of the wheel looking from the front or rear of the vehicle. (Please message the page to ask if you have any questions about this)  

* Rollcages for this season will not be required but are advised.  

* Convertibles, soft-tops, cabriolets or any car that has a removable roof will be allowed on track ONLY if it has a roll bar or cage that meets the following requirements:
- Rollbars or hoops must be made in one piece without joints. Their construction must be smooth and even, without ripples or cracks. The vertical part of the main rollbar must be as straight as possible and as close as possible to the interior contour of the bodyshell;
- Rear back stays are to be mounted as close to the top of the main roll bar as possible;
- Roll bars must be constructed from 38mm diameter x 2.64mm wall tube minimum sizes. 50.8mm diameter material is preferred but not essential. Rear back stays must also be manufactured from 38mm x 2.64mm wall CDS tube or better;
- Roll bars must have small hole around 5mm drilled in main hoop, in an accessible position to allow for wall thickness to be checked;
- Mounting points for main roll bar and rear backstays must be minimum 100mm x 100mm and minimum 3mm thickness;
- Welding should be to good standard ensuring good penetration;
- Roll cage padding is required if roll bar is within 150mm of drivers helmet.