NP 2G Fuel Surge Tank 3.0 Litre for Deatschwerks DW400

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The 2nd generation Fuel Surge Tanks from Nuke Performance, with everything you need to mount the popular Deatschwerks DW400 high-pressure fuel pumps.

This new updated version is the first of its kind specially developed and designed to mount a single or dual setup of Deatschwerks ground-breaking DW400 fuel pump, this fuel pump has a larger diameter and due to its high flow it demands perfect conditions to be able to perform at its maximum and we have developed the perfect solution in close work with the engineers at Deatschwerks.

  •  Lightweight motorsports surge tank
  •  Fits a single or dual high-pressure fuel pump
  •  Combined into a single AN-10 outlet
  •  3.0 litre surge tank capacity
  •  Made in Sweden
  •  100% Safe for all type of fuels
  •  Delivered with AN-10 and AN-8 fittings 

Lets you combine two internal fuel pumps into one AN-10 (7/8 UNF) outlet. This Fuel Surge Tank is able to deliver steady fuel flow even over 2000hp. This setup is everything you need to be combined into a space-efficient and power-efficient solution and design.

DW400 Fuel Surge Tank Includes:
1 x 3.0 litre fuel surge tank
1 x 6 bolt pattern aluminum mounting bracket
1 x Dual mounting bracket for DW400 fuel pumps
2 x 39mm fuel pump inserts for smaller diameter fuel pumps
2 x 1/4 BSPP to 8mm Barb (fuel hose) fitting
1 x 1/4 BSPP Plug (for single fuel pump use)



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