NP 2G Fuel Surge Tank 3.0 litre with Protec Cobra Brushless Fuel Pump

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The 2nd generation 3.0-litre Fuel Surge Tank from Nuke Performance, with a preassembled, brushless Protec Cobra fuel pump. This is a next-generation fuel setup in one lightweight and universal solution.

The newest updated version of the classic Nuke Performance fuel surge tanks series comes delivered with a preassembled brushless fuel pump from Protec Cobra-series. This is really next-level engineering, with maximum flow and minimum ampere.

  •  Twin-screw brushless fuel pump
  •  Higher pressure with fewer amps
  •  100% Safe for all type of fuels, including ethanol
  •  Preassembled with Cobra fuel pump
  •  Lightweight aluminum billet fuel pump housing
  •  Delivered with external PWN controller
  •  For your every need, from 500 to 1200 horsepower
  •  3.0-litre surge tank capacity

The Cobra brushless fuel pump has been engineered to provide precise fuel flow for the most demanding applications. It is suitable for use with ethanol, methanol, and petrol (gasoline). The Cobra pump is able to deliver fuel at higher pressures while using fewer amps, all thanks to its brushless technology. The Cobra fuel pump is lighter than any comparable fuel pump and features a custom-built brushless motor with an ultra-efficient pump mechanism that provides unrivaled performance.

 Protec Cobra Fuel Surge Tank Includes:
1 x 3.0-litre fuel surge tank
1 x 6 bolt pattern aluminum mounting bracket
1 x Protec Cobra brushless fuel pump of choice
1 x 65-micron pre fuel filter
1 x Deutsch connector, preassembled
1 x PWM controller with aluminum housing
* The Fuel Surge Tank is delivered preassembled, ready to use



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