Chase Bays Dual Fan Relay Wiring Harness with 180ºF Thermoswitch

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A very common problem we ran into when selling Radiators was insufficient fan wiring. In many cases; powerful electrical fans are installed on chassis that came with mechanical fans. The factory A/C relay(s) that use smaller gauge wiring are tapped into and wire that cannot handle the high amperage is used to run to the fans themselves. If its not that, its that one relay is used to power two fans. Either way, the issue is half powered fans and a temperature gauge that keeps climbing. 

We wanted to make an all-in-one solution that was super easy to install and looked incredible. There are dozens of other fan relay wiring kit solutions but this stands far from the crowd. Other kits are two pre-crimped relays, some butt connectors, and a handful of zip-tied wire. Not cool. 

The fan and fan relay power wires are all proper 14awg wire crimped with a certified Mil-Spec pneumatic crimper, all terminals are nickle-plated for 110% connections, and Deutsch connectors are used for the fans.



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