Chase Bays Front to Rear Brake Lines & Rear Hard Line Delete - 82-91 BMW E30

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The Chase Bays Front to Rear Brake Hard Lines & Rear Hard Line Delete is for the enthusiast who wants to replace old rusty/broken lines and simplify their setup. The OEM brake hard lines are replaced and relocated with -3AN stainless steel, Teflon PTFE lined, black PVC coated lines. This kit goes from the engine bay connection all the way to the rear calipers. It does completely eliminate the Soft Line > Hard Line > Soft Line portion on rear of E30 that we've all come to hate. This is the portion that connects directly to the rear calipers. So by switching to this you're cutting down on a lot of clutter and securing the future for your precious rear Brake Lines!

This first view is where the factory front to rear brake hard line goes along the LHD driver side, then goes into the tee adapter. From there, it splits off to go to the short soft lines, then back to a hard line along the trailing arm, then back to a soft line into the caliper. If you’ve had to replace these, you know exactly what we are talking about when I say as soon as the line enters the tee, it makes no sense. We can make this better, and we did. On the left of photo is the spare tire well, for perspective.

 Chase Bays E30 Rear Brake Line Replacement

Another view with questionably tan underbody and a jargon of factory lines/hoses.

 Chase Bays E30 Rear Brake Line Replacement

Kind of fast forward past many hours of back and forth. We finally decided on a design, we’d eliminate the separate tee entirely. From engine bay to caliper its gone from a total of 9 lines to 3 lines. We used a bulkhead tee fitting on the chassis mounts where 1 line usually passes through. On this photo, you’re looking toward the back of the car and this part of the subframe is where the driveshaft enters. The line to the right is the one long one coming from the front of the chassis. The center of photo line is the bridge from one side to the other. The other side of this is where the lines pass through the trailing arm and to the caliper. Formerly 3 piece on each side, now 1 piece.


Here is the opposing side of that.


This is where the factory fuel filter sits, and where the line routes through (unsecured).

Chase Bays E30 Rear Brake Line Replacement 

Secured using factory stays.
Chase Bays E30 Rear Brake Line Replacement



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