FMIC Nylon Braided PTFE Teflon Fuel Hose - AN8

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Steel Braided Teflon cable (PTFE), additionally coated with black nylon.

Characterized by high operating pressure and highly effective at a temperature between -70°C and 260°C

The core is made of high quality Teflon PTFE which doesn’t react with most of the chemicals such as oils, greases, gasoline, petroleum, alcohol (E85), brake fluid, steering system fluid etc. and thanks to that is widely used for fuel systems, including methanol and nitromethan, in lubrication, oil and cooling systems etc.

Steel braid made of 304 stainless steel which is very corrosion resistant and doesn’t react with most oxidising acids. The addition of black nylon coat creates an attractive look and that makes it widely used in tuning.

The price is for 1 metre. You can buy any quantity in multiple of 1 metre and you will get one continuous length.


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