NP Toyota 6cyl 2JZ 14mm Injectors (non VVTi) Fuel Rail - Bolt-On

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Nuke Performance Toyota 2JZ high-performance, lightweight fuel rail for "non VVTi" version of the popular 2JZ engine.

Toyota 6cyl 2JZ high-performance bolt-on Fuel Rail kit for the popular 6cyl 2JZ engine. This kit is for the popular Bosch / 14mm injectors. Lightweight fuel rail with unique injector safety clips that fit straight on the intake without heavy modifications. 100% safe for alcoholic fuels such as ethanol.

  •  Lightweight aluminum fuel rail
  •  Unique injector safety clips
  •  Bolt-on brackets included for non-VVTi
  •  Injector seats included
  •  Made in Sweden
  •  100% E85 Proof
  •  Delivered with AN-8 fittings 

Technical information :
• Machined aluminium extrusion 6082-T6.
• Delivered with 2x 3/4 UNF AN-8 Male fittings, 1x 1/4 BSPP plug.
• 100% safe for alcoholic fuels such as E85.
• Stainless injector safety clips for safe seal operation.
• Anodized finish for long lasting function and corrosion free appearance.
• 17.5mm internal diameter which guarantees high and reliable flow.

Measurements : *
Length : 505 mm (19.88")
Height : 36 mm (1.41")
Depth : 33 mm (1.29")
Weight : 645 g (22.75oz)

* All weights and measurements are excluding fittings.



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